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1. With people's obsession with this question:"Is there some other lifeform in the universe other humans?" Comes with an intriguing assumption about an astronaut who was mistakenly left behind on Mars if an exploration has gone wrong. It's a highly persuasive picture in the perseverance and creativity of man regardless where he is. The movie isn't that bleak either as a certain brand of ironic humor is injected between the magnificent visuals.

2. When the Terminator series has taught us anything, it's never to expect machines. So, if viewing the T-1000 search the young John Connor gave you nightmares, then Ex Machina will likely allow you to swear off tech altogether (at leastto get a day or two). The story revolves round a humanoid robot named Ava and her interactions with her founder, Nathan and a developer, Caleb. Exquisitely beautiful, the movie will cause you to question the limitations of humanity and our connection with technology.

3. Sort of a modern classic, Inception has been able to wow critics and audience worldwide with stunning visuals, complicated storyline, compelling storytelling, and amazing acting. Inception analyzes the depths and nature of human comprehension. The complex plot might have been that this critically-acclaimed film's downfall, but it had successfully managed to deliver a brilliantly inventive plot without confusing the audience that much (there is still a great debate among fans as to what the film's ending actually meant).