If you wish to combine thousands of folks keeping music alive each year with a concert set, the concert pilgrimage every year at White Oak Amphitheatre will enable you to experience an eclectic musical time.

A landmark of veteran rock groups, state megastars and famous festivals, even the White Oak Amphitheatre is put at a scenic location surrounded by oak trees. A most adored concert venue in Greensboro, this season is your very best opportunity to observe the popular terrific musicians of the nation by seeing this place.



An exceptionally popular amphitheatre at Greensboro, North Carolina, the White Oak Amphitheatre gets the very best views with a massive length of property together with white oaks. For the breathtaking views of the amphitheatre, photographers flock to the site to get the best views. Aside from the views supplied by this White Oak Amphitheatre, this popular amphitheatre is also a much-loved area for picnics. Regarded by the nation as the ideal place for theatres, the lawns of the White Oak Amphitheater also holds the title as the ideal location for events. Learn about white oak amphitheater events on whiteoakamphitheatre.com.



A building both beautiful inside and outside, the White Oak Amphitheatre will give you a special experience on your chosen event. Positively analyzed by organizers and audiences, the White Oak Amphitheatre has contributed thousands of individuals an iconic experience holding special memories along with their visits.

Beautiful pictures inside and outside of the amphitheatre are taken by people who have complimented about the breathtaking sights of the White Oak Amphitheatre. With the natural environment of the White Oak Amphitheatre, you can make confident that you will get the very enhanced concert this season. Repeat this summer by experiencing different occasions within this popular venue.