As a consumer, your credit history is very important. A credit bureau looks into your credit history and translates the information into a credit score. Financial institutions and other organizations that you are dealing with for loans, mortgages and purchases will go to a credit bureau for your credit score. A credit score from a credit bureau will help your creditors decide on your credibility and capability as a borrower.


Companies and individuals may also access your free credit score report from a credit bureau to assess your suitability for a position, a contract or a project.Whatever the reason for anyone to check credit score–whether it is for a credit card, a loan, a debt consolidation, a debt settlement, a contract or a job, your credit score from a credit bureau is of huge importance. Learn about credit cards for bad credit on

What Your Credit Score Means

When a financial institution, company or individual check credit score from a credit bureau, they will assess whether your credit score is good or bad. You do not need to wait for these companies or individuals to tell you about your credit score. You can check credit score yourself and find out whether your credit score falls.

Take, for instance a credit score that ranges from 300-850:

• An excellent score would be any credit score of 800 and above;
• You have a very good credit standing if your credit score is from 740 to 799;
• A good score would be a credit score of about 700; and
• Anything below 670 will make your credit score fair to poor.

How the Credit Scores Impact You

While credit score ranges may vary from one credit bureau to another credit bureau, companies and individuals that check credit score to assess your credibility will make a decision based on such a credit score. Get a free credit score so you can check credit score yourself. This way you would know if your credit history is worth the trust of the creditors.